Q: What is Fall In Furniture Love?
A: Fall In Furniture Love (FIFL) has been our marketing theme for the past few years. People who own Scan Design furniture don’t just “buy” furniture, they fall in love with it. It’s a passion that customers have for their Scan Design pieces – one or many.

Q: What is the Fall In Furniture Love Art Event?
A: It is a state-wide art event that we sponsor to bring notoriety to up-and-coming artists who may not have a venue to showcase their art and talents. It was started six years ago and has since become a major art event in all our retail markets. Each market partners with a local charity and the art event also doubles as a fundraiser. It’s capped off with an art celebration/party in April and May – depending on your market.

Q: Will the art be sold at Scan Design?
A: Yes, Scan Design will be selling the artwork in two capacities. First, the custom furniture pieces produced by each artist will be auctioned off at the event with all proceeds going to the respective charity in each market. The other selected works by each featured artist will be on sale at each Scan Design showroom following the event during the month of May.

Q: Will there be a fee at the door?
A: Yes, there will be a $20 collected donation at the door for all markets.

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